If you live in Connecticut, fiberglass pools are probably going to be your best option.

Fiberglass Pools are Durable.  All of the fiberglass pools we use are built in the U.S.A. and come with a 25 year limited factory warranty. Many of the original fiberglass pools made in the 1960’s are still in use today and look great.  The technology and materials have only improved since the early days of fiberglass pool construction.  Fiberglass is 7x stronger than concrete and has the ability to flex without cracking.  In fact fiberglass pools are the recommended option in areas prone to earthquakes.Vinyl lined pools are easily cut or punctured.  If you have pets or children you’ll become very familiar with those vinyl repair kits. Even if you carefully protect your liner from sharp objects you will still need to replace it in as little as 5 years and no longer than 10 years.

Fiberglass Pools are low Maintenance. 

When it comes to cleaning time, level of effort, and amount of chemicals used; fiberglass pools win easily.  The perfectly smooth non-porous surfaces make cleaning a breeze compared to other construction methods.  Fiberglass requires no frequent repairs or heavy maintenance like chipping paint, cracks to seal, and no liners to replace.  Fiberglass pools use less chemicals per gallon than any other material.

Installation doesn’t get faster than fiberglass.
Vinyl comes in second, and gunite/concrete take the longest to install.  Because your fiberglass pool is manufactured in a climate controlled factory, the consistency is guaranteed.  Gunite/concrete pools have humidity, temperature, and mixture ratio requirements that all affect the pool’s durability. Adverse weather, even light sprinkling rain can effect the curing process of concrete/gunite pools.  Since these pools are “manufactured on site”, the already long build time can be extended by unfavorable weather.

Fiberglass Pools Costs Less

Fiberglass pools cost less over the life of the pool than the same size alternative materials.  Gallon for gallon the install will cost less than concrete and more than vinyl.  However after factoring in the first few years of maintenance, fiberglass comes in less than the others.  Over the life of the pool it is not even close.

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