fiberglass pool with sandalsWith summer weather averaging highs above 80 degrees in Hartford, CT inground pools are quite common. The convenience and privacy of a pool in the backyard cannot be surpassed by neighborhood or local public pools. Fiberglass pools are a great fit for Connecticut homeowners. With great cold weather durability, easy summertime maintenance and great looks, fiberglass pools just make sense.

Some areas in Hartford, CT such as West End and Fairfield have higher concentrations of affluent families. Numerous pools have been installed in homes in these and other areas to ease the heat in the summer and entertain the children and their friends. A pool in the backyard will also bring the family together as the kids will have so much fun at home they’ll choose to stay and swim rather than going out with friends. A pool at home also means the ability to teach the children to swim at a young age without paying for expensive lessons or country club memberships. An inground swimming pool is also perfect for hosting birthday parties, and neighborhood gatherings.

An inground fiberglass pool is not only a fun addition to the home; it also increases the value of the home.  A family will get much more use and fun out of increasing the home’s value through a swimming pool than a remodeled bathroom or updated HVAC system. If it comes time to sell the house, the value added from a pool will be well worth the installation.  Homes with pools also sell at a faster pace than homes without them because pools are such a valued commodity in the Hartford, CT area.

With the correct installation and tools, a pool is not difficult to manage throughout the year. Heaters can be installed at the time of the pool installation for enjoyment even on breezy or chilly days, providing enjoyment more months out of the year. Automatic covers can also be installed to avoid accidents when the pool is not in use and to keep it clean throughout the year. These small additions will allow for long-term use and low maintenance on a private pool.

Be sure to choose a trusted contractor to install this value-added pool. A contractor’s years of experience and vast number of similar pools installed in the same area are wise things to consider before making a choice. A top-notch professional contractor will be able to offer on-the-spot advice for installation and product choices. The best contractors can also install outdoor living areas around the pool for the most family enjoyment. Bring the family together with the installation of a new personal pool at home.